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Did you use a nexus letter from your doctor but still got denied by the VA?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Many Veterans have been in this situation. So what went wrong?

Unless your doctor is a VA doctor, they likely have limited to no experience with the VA, military service, or disability processes.

Writing a nexus letter is a specialized skill and performed incorrectly can lead to a denial or contributing nothing to your claim. There are a few key factors that the VA is looking for in a nexus letter.

  1. The VA wants to be able to get in contact with your doctor if they have questions. Having a nexus letter that is not on proper letterhead will prevent the VA from reaching your doctor and will award no weight to their opinion letter

  2. The opinion should be clear using the VA language "at least as likely" "more likely than not" for positive opinions

  3. The opinion should have a solid rationale. Having a doctor say that they feel two conditions are connected but failing to include a rationale is just like telling a child "because I said so". It doesn't hold much weight no matter who says it.

So what sets us apart? Why use a professional company to write your nexus letter?

Here at MRPY Professional Services we add additional detail to a nexus letter. This can be especially helpful for connections that have an aggravation connection versus a causal link. Most secondary connections are based on aggravation not causation. It can be very helpful to include evidence based medicine to the document in order to show the connection and show how the situation applies to you and your specific claim. This is why hiring a professional company to complete your nexus letter may be the game changer for your claim.

We also have a new service called NexusPrep™ that helps you use a nexus letter from your

treating physician. It is an affordable option if finances are a concern or if you prefer to have the letter written by your doctor. What you receive is an instruction sheet for your doctor so they receive valuable information on the important components of a compelling nexus letter. You also receive the medical evidence based literature that connects the condition to service or a service-connected condition. This helps your busy doctor add that valuable information most private companies use when writing their own nexus letters. Most doctors are too busy to conduct the proper research or include it into their letter. This is where NexusPrep™ comes in handy!

It is important to note that NexusPrep™ is a document that enhances your claim if the connection exists. You would still need to provide the VA the diagnosis and objective evidence of your connection.

Reach out to us to discuss your case now! It's FREE

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