What We Do

claims review service
A claims review is where one of our experts will discuss your VA disability claims strategy, perform a medical records review, and answer any questions regarding VA disability for medical conditions.



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Nexus letters are independent medical opinion documents that can enhance a VA disability claim.  We use evidence based medical literature and any applicable VA regulation to support your service connection claim. 

Pricing Per Nexus Letter


Rush Option Fee (documents completed in 2 days)


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DBQ forms enhance a VA disability claim by providing essential information that the VA can use to rate a claim without scheduling a C&P exam if they so choose.  Only select conditions can be completed virtually.

Pricing Per DBQ


Discounted DBQ cost if also getting a medical opinion document 


Telemedicine diagnosis Services 

We are happy to announce that we have an MD and PA-C available to assist with initial diagnosis or updated diagnosis needs. Reach out to us to find out more and read our latest blog post about the benefits of this service! 

Price per document $300

This will ask you to pick a date and time but the claims representative will reach out to you to schedule a day/time that is convenient for both of you.