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How To Sign Up For Services

We have a simple process to help you access medical professionals who are experts with evaluating and writing quality medical evidence for your VA disability claims.

Sign up for a chart review

We use a HIPAA secure system to communicate with you.  This is a 1 time minimal fee.  Click here to sign up now!

Upload your evidence

In our system we are able to securely review your current evidence and communicate our medical opinion with you prior to purchasing documents.

Purchase documents

Once you have all of the information, it is easy to choose which documents best support your VA disability claim.



Prior to ordering documents, we complete a review of your claim documents and medical evidence to ensure a nexus letter or DBQ can be written in support of your VA disability claim.

Nexus Letters


Nexus letters are independent medical opinion documents that can enhance a VA disability claim. We use evidence based medical literature and any applicable VA regulation to support your service connection claim.


DBQ’s are official VA forms that enhance a VA disability claim. They focus on the rating criteria and can help reach the highest rating percentage that your evidence supports. Only select conditions can be completed virtually and this is determined during our chart review process.

Medical Evaluation/Diagnosis


We work with an independent physician (MD) who is experienced with VA disability service-connection documentation and can provide an evaluation for your medical conditions. They can see you for first time diagnosis or updating a diagnosis if your current treatment records are older than 2 years from today. Only select conditions can be completed virtually and this is determined during our chart review process.

Nexus Prep Documents



NexusPrep™ is our newest and most exciting product to support your VA disability claim. It is a digital download document to help you submit a solid VA disability claim using a nexus letter from your own treating physician. No other company offers such an affordable product that enhances your VA disability claim. This product will increase your chances for faster service connection and maximize your rating percentage, putting more money in your pocket and qualifying you for maximum benefits. It includes instruction for your doctor to write a compelling nexus letter and the most relevant medical literature to support your service connection request. We offer common connections listed below and a custom option where you can have a document tailored to your specific situation. Click the NeusPrep™ service title above or go to the contact us page to speak to one of our claims specialists if you have additional questions. To purchase a NexusPrep™ document you can click on the listed item below to receive your item now.

Nexus Prep™ Educational Materials
Coming Soon
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