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How can personal statements enhance your VA disability claim?

Ever heard of a personal statement in regards to the VA disability claims process? In short, a personal statement is a self-written explanation that provides a deeper understanding of your condition, health history, ways you manage symptoms, and how the condition affects your overall life.

Personal statements can be a powerful tool. We highly recommend our clients consider crafting one in order to get even better results.

Regardless of whether your condition is directly service connected or secondary, here are a few ways that personal statements can enhance your VA disability claim:

They provide an in-depth description of your condition

No one knows your condition as well as you do – you're the one dealing with it, after all. A personal statement offers an in-depth description of your condition, symptoms, and daily experiences. Medical documentation is undeniably important, but your story is too. On that note: Is your evidence preventing you from getting service connected or a higher rating? Watch our video explainer here.

It's a better way to share the full history of your experience

Unlike relying solely on documents from a handful of different sources, your personal statement can share the entire history of your experience from the onset of symptoms to present day status. This better explains the progression of the condition, weaving in extra details that might have otherwise "fell between the cracks", so to speak.

You can explain emotional and mental impacts of the condition

Our physical health impacts mental health, and vice versa. Personal statements allow Veterans to explain the psychological impacts of their conditions, which otherwise would likely go undocumented. Disability claims are based on a variety of different factors, and explaining the mental impact of physical injuries and conditions is important. It won't go overlooked if you explain it – so share your experience. It'll make your claim much more compelling.

A personal statement humanizes your application

Your claim decision-maker is a human too, with emotions and empathy. By adding a personal statement, you can create more of a connection with your claims examiner by telling your entire story in your own words. This can help them better understand your situation and foster a better outcome. Just be honest, and keep things descriptive yet concise.

Get started with your claims process today

Ready to file a claim and get the results you've been looking for? We're ready to help you get there. Get started by visiting our services page here, or schedule a chart review from one of our experts here.

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