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What is a medical nexus, and how can it enhance your VA disability claim?

A medical nexus is one of three required elements that Veterans must meet before they can request a medical opinion from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (check out this blog to learn about all three elements). As the third and final element needed, a medical nexus is not only necessary but also enhances your VA disability claim.

Here's everything you need to know about Element 3, a medical nexus:

Element 3: A medical nexus 38 CFR 3.159(c)(4)(i)(C)

The dictionary definition of the word nexus is "a connection or series of connections linking two or more things", and that's exactly what this element means in a medical context. A medical nexus simply means there must be a connection between the service event and the condition's diagnosis.

The VA's definition of Element 3 is: "An indication that the diagnosis or symptoms may be associated with the established event, injury or disease in service." Your current condition has to be connected to service in order to be eligible for a medical opinion.

How a Nexus Letter benefits your VA disability claim

A nexus letter is an official document containing a medical opinion that explains the connection between your condition to service or to another service-connected condition. It should be written by a licensed and qualified medical provider (like someone on our team at MRPY!)

Here's how a Nexus Letter can benefit your claim:

  • Includes information that might be otherwise left out by medical records

  • Adheres to 38CFR (the VA code of federal regulations)

  • Improves chances at faster service-connection with higher rating percentages

  • Can help qualify for maximum benefits (that means way more money saved!)

We can help you with a Nexus Letter or DBQ

We make it easy by taking information from your medical records and translating it into VA-friendly language that backs up your claim. Private medical opinions can make a massive difference – saving you plenty of time, money, and frustration.

Sign up for a chart review today, and view the rest of our services here. We can help make your VA disability claims process much simpler.

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