Are you leaving money on the table with your VA disabilities?

VA disability compensation is not limited to the percentage you are service-connected for (scheduler rating percentage from 0%-100%). There are several other programs and benefits that pay Veterans in addition to your VA disability percentage rate. These benefits are usually due to a special circumstance or specific disability. The most common and well known benefit is Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) and erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common condition paying out SMC.

We will be starting a series of blog posts from now until the end of the year talking about each type of special compensation offered by the VA and what are the qualifying requirements to see if you are leaving money on the table with your VA disability situation. Some of these benefits are automatically applied and others require applying for the benefit.

A sneak peak into what we will be discussing in the next several weeks:

  • Erectile Dysfunction and Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

  • Loss of Limb

  • Loss of eye/eyesight

  • bedridden status

  • aid and attendance

  • total disability individual unemployability (TDIU)

  • dependent family members

  • special allowances (automobile, clothing, recovering from surgery, time spent in the hospital, birth defects in your child from Agent Orange exposure)

  • surviving spouse benefits (DIC)

  • extra scheduler ratings

Check back frequently as these posts will be published or reach out to us if you think you may qualify for one of these situations and need further assistance.

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