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Everything you need to know about review exams for VA disability benefits

A review exam, also called a Routine Future Exam, occurs when the VA wants to check up on the severity and status of a Veteran's service-connected condition. There are a handful of important considerations that go into whether or not one of these exams is necessary, including the Veteran's age. Veterans should also be aware of what happens when a review exam shows improvements – something that we'll cover in this blog.

Here's everything you need to know about review exams for VA disability benefits:

When is a review exam necessary?

To determine whether or not a review exam is necessary, the VA refers to 38 CFR 3.327(b). The VA prefers to only conduct review exams when it's absolutely necessary, considering the following criteria to make such a decision:

  • The VA needs to verify the condition's continued existence

  • They need to verify the severity of the condition

  • When it's likely that the condition was going to improve

  • If evidence indicates a material change in the condition

  • If the current rating may have become incorrect

Is there an age limit for getting medical conditions reviewed by the VA?

Yes, the VA's website states clearly that "in cases of veterans over 55 years of age, except under unusual circumstances." So, for these service-connected cases, no review exams will be required past age 55.

What happens when a review exam shows improvements?

After your disability is reviewed, the VA will come up with a new opinion and later contact you with their final decision. If your disability has improved, you might receive a reduction in benefits. If it's the same, expect your VA disability benefits to remain the same. And if your disability worsened, an increase in benefits might be granted.

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