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What are Nexus Letters and DBQs?

Updated: Feb 22

"The Game Changing Evidence" for Your VA Disability Claim!

The VA is producing more frequent and detailed denials for Veteran claims from what I am seeing. So how do you make your claim stand out and increase your chances at success?

The key is to add the right kind of evidence to your claim.

A nexus letter is a medical opinion document to connect your condition to service or to another service-connected condition. This medical opinion should be written by a licensed and qualified medical provider.

A DBQ (disability benefits questionnaire) is a VA form that is primarily used for rating percentages. It does not typically contain a medical opinion and it words in conjunction with a nexus letter.

The nexus letter and DBQ contain valuable information about your condition that is NOT typically found in your treatment records or described in a way that it is written in the 38CFR (code of federal regulations, law pertaining to VA disability and service-connection).

Many claims fail because they do not meet the letter of the law within the 38CFR, but that does not mean they cannot be ser

vice-connected. No one goes to the doctor or has a medical condition documented in a way that may result in service connection years later. You aren't thinking about that when you go see your doctor! You are ill or hurt and want to get better. This is partially why medical records may not be solid enough for the VA rater to draw a positive conclusion. Enter the game changing Nexus letter and DBQ.

A nexus letter and DBQ from MRPY Professional Services is a detailed document written by a qualified medical provider and contains other key elements that function to improve your chances at faster service-connection with higher rating percentages. This translates to qualifying for maximum benefits and putting more money in your pocket!

We can take the information from your medical records and translate that into the language the VA uses from the 38CFR, apply medical based evidence research to back up the opinion, and add critical insight from your job duties or military service requirements that led to the development of your condition. This is why a private medical opinion can make a HUGE difference in your VA disability claim. Click below to get in touch with us to discuss your situation. It's Free!

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