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Telemedicine Diagnosis/Evaluation and why this can be helpful to your VA disability claim?

We have just added services for Veterans to be able to speak to a doctor or physician assistant over a virtual telemedicine platform.

How can this help your VA disability claim?

There are several benefits to a private medical evaluation submitted as evidence for your VA disability claim.

  1. Our providers are independent and objective who will listen and take the time to understand your unique situation and condition. This ensures that the details of your condition are documented accurately and completely. The VA disability rating criteria are based on symptoms and severity of the condition for many conditions and subpar documentation can lead to a lower rating percentage.

  2. Our providers uniquely understand the physical and mental demands that are placed on service members during Military service and the negative effects that can show up or persist years later. They ask the right questions to make sure your documentation highlights the important facts pertaining to VA disability claims.

  3. Service-connection is primarily about the evidence you present. The more objective and specific information you can provide to the VA, the higher your chances of success.

  4. Another important factor for service-connection is continuity of medical records and/or care of a condition. It is vitally important that you present the VA with not only the diagnosis of your condition but evidence that the condition is chronic. Personal statements can be submitted as subjective evidence but medical documentation with objective evidence is weighted heavier in the claims decision process. For example a Veteran who was diagnosed with migraine headaches in 2000 and only performed self-care since has a presumably lower chance of success connecting this to service than a Veteran who was diagnosed in 2000 with medical follow up visits, imaging studies, lab testing, specialty consultation, and current records to show that the condition is still present and interfering with their functioning. It is not required to have all of that information but the more information the better.

If you are considering adding telemedicine services to your VA disability claim reach out to us for more information! Our providers can provide initial diagnosis for some conditions and follow up evaluations for a broader range of conditions that have been previously diagnosed but haven't been evaluated by your doctor in a while.

* disclaimer: we do not provide mental health services or treatment/medication prescribing services. We do not take insurance payments.*

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