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The VA defined insomnia! Now it's more than just a mental health connection

We have good news: The confusion over insomnia is over! For too long, the VA only considered insomnia as a mental health condition – even though clinical experts have clear guidelines for it as both a mental and physical disorder. As medical providers ourselves, we know that insomnia can be related to other medical conditions or it can be a completely independent condition.

Whether you're a Veteran suffering from insomnia as a result of mental or physical reasons due to military service – we're here to help. Here's what to know about the VA's recent update regarding insomnia:

The VA now considers insomnia both a mental and physical health condition

In short, insomnia now qualifies for any of the following reasons:

  • As a symptom of another disability

  • An independent condition

  • A symptom of a mental disorder

  • A symptom of a medical condition

  • Another sleep disorder

A quick lookover section V.iii.13.1.l (Considering SC for Insomnia within the VA's M21-1) has been updated to the following: "Insomnia is generally considered a symptom of another disability due to coexisting medical or neurological conditions.  Insomnia can occur as an independent condition or can be a symptom associated with another mental disorder (for example, major depressive disorder), medical condition (for example, pain), or another sleep disorder (for example, a breathing-related sleep disorder)."

So what does this mean for Veterans?

This is great news! The VA is now following guidelines that are closer aligned to what medical professionals have always known and starting to consider a connection for insomnia separate from a mental health condition.  

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