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5 ways to honor the veterans in your life this Memorial Day and beyond

May 27th is Memorial Day, and as always, we remember and honor those who have served for our country. We can all thank Veterans for their generous contributions and honor them year-round in a handful of different ways. Whether getting connected with members of the community or learning more about the common challenges that Veterans face after their time in service, there are countless ways to show that you care.

Here are 6 ways to honor the Veterans in your life this Memorial Day, and beyond:

Volunteer your time and connect with Veterans

Volunteering your time is a great way to have a direct impact in the lives of Veterans, while fostering a sense of community and often getting to know people one-on-one. You can browse volunteer opportunities through the VA Center for Development and Civic Engagement, where opportunities range from getting in touch with socially isolated Veterans to volunteering at a VA medical center, and plenty of other options. You can also volunteer with an organization such as Disabled American Veterans.

Donate funds if you are able to

Contributing funds to an organization that helps Veterans is a great way to support them both mentally and physically. The following organizations and nonprofits accept donations that put funds directly into helping Veterans in need:

Learn about common issues Veterans face

By learning about common issues Veterans face, we can all help spread awareness about the mental and physical health challenges that frequently affect former members of service. The following blogs explain a few of the most common conditions that Veterans develop often as a result of their time in the military:

Mental health issues commonly faced by Veterans:

Physical health issues commonly faced by Veterans: 

Read or listen to stories from Veterans

Browse the VA Podcast Network to listen to various episodes of different podcasts, sharing stories from Veterans and also covering other topics related to military service. It's a great way to gain more knowledge and understand the things that Veterans have been through, and continue to go through after their time in service.

Say thank you

Simple yet highly impactful, expressing your thanks for all the generous contributions our Veterans have made for our nation is always appreciated. If you see a Veteran, thank them in-person, or consider writing a thank you letter to A Million Thanks, an organization that will deliver your letter to active, reserve, or Veteran military members.

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