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Updated VA Disability Rating for Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis- Read more below

The VA has recently changed their guidelines for service-connection of the foot conditions plantar fasciitis and flat foot. Historically these conditions have been rated under the same code in the 38CFR (code of federal regulations), which is the schedule for rating disabilities. The new changes have separated these conditions into two rating codes meaning they can be rated individually. What does that mean for Veterans? They can be rated up to 40% for plantar fasciitis and up to 50% for flat foot. Reach out to us to discuss your potential claim today!


Plantar fasciitis is rated under the code 5269 with the following rating breakdown:

40% for actual loss of use of the foot

30% for no relief from both non-surgical and surgical treatment, bilateral

20% for no relief from both non-surgical and surgical treatment, unilateral

10% for otherwise, unilateral or bilateral

Flat foot is rated under the code 5276 with the following rating breakdown:

50% for pronounced, marked pronation, extreme tenderness of the plantar surfaces, marked inward displacement and severe spasm on manipulation, and not improved by orthopedic shoes or appliances (30% rating for unilateral)

30% severe, objective evidence of marked deformity, pain on manipulation and use, indication of swelling on use, and characteristic callosities (20% for unilateral)

10% moderate, weight-bearing line over or medial to great toe, inward bowing of the tendo achillis, pain on manipulation and use.

0% mild, symptoms relieved by arch support or orthopedic shoe.

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