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What is the Reasonable Doubt Doctrine in relation to VA disability benefits?

What is the Reasonable Doubt Doctrine, and why should Veterans know about it? This concept within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits program is worded in detail on the VA's website, but we'll break it down here into simpler terms.

A simple definition of the Reasonable Doubt Doctrine

Simply put, the Reasonable Doubt Doctrine means that when there's an equal balance of evidence both for and against a Veteran's claim, the VA will resolve the claim in favor of the Veteran. This is good news! According to the doctrine, the VA gives the Veteran the benefit of the doubt, giving them the VA disability benefits they need.

The doctrine recognizes that Veterans often experience situations beyond their control, as well as difficulty obtaining documentation and records to support their claims. So, in cases where a Veteran's condition has conflicting or unclear medical evidence – the doctrine can help massively.

How a Nexus Letter can help

Nexus Letters are medical opinion documents that connect your condition to service, or to another service-connected condition. They are written by a licensed and qualified medical provider (like us!). In the absence of administrative or medical documentation such as hospital or clinic visits – private medical opinion documents can make a massive difference.

How a personal statement can help

For even better results, we recommend our clients write a personal statement to accompany their claim. This self-written explanation gives a deep understanding of your condition, including your entire health history and how the condition affects your day-to-day life. We're so confident that personal statements can give your claim a substantial boost that we wrote a whole blog on it.

How to make sure your claim is organized and prepared

The VA has a backlog of processing claims, which is all the more reason to make sure you have everything you need – and done right – to ensure a smooth and timely process. That's where we come in. Make an appointment with a MRPY Professional Services expert to get a chart review, and view our other services here.

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